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Cinema is a medium that usually makes its viewers curious and happy. There may be only a few who never had experienced and enjoyed the magical world of cinema. Presently, cinema is a popular medium capable of entertaining people from all ages and different walks of life. It can show a drama, a period of time or a thought in a short span of time with more perfection.
Moreover, as a multimillion industry with a huge market, cinema provides a lot of career opportunities like acting. In earlier days, the job options were limited to a few options like acting or directing; however as technology grows, it is imperative to pursue perfection. Hence many other professions like sound design, special effects, make-up etc. have developed. Apart from monetary benefits, it brings in work satisfaction as well. So, a job in film industry provides not only a handsome source of income, but can be enjoyed as an artistic passion.

Film can be made in different ways. At present around 90% of the movies make use of the advantages of visual effects. Movies like Titanic, Avatar,  Spiderman etc. have well explored the greater possibilities of visual effects. These movies marked a paradigm shift in film industry. They propelled a new trend set. The success and profit of these movies inspired many film makers to make similar movies resulting in creating more job opportunities in the industry. The opportunities are open to those who are expertise at 3D software like Maya, Houdini etc. Despite the challenges and hardships involved in these kinds of jobs, the immense joy and satisfaction of working are really immeasurable. Animation, modeling, texturing, visual effects, programming, shading etc. are some of the professions in the 3D animation industry. One has the option to choose the profession according to one’s interest and build up a glittering career and life. There are many institutes provide training in visual effects. It is advisable to select an institute with good background and history to lean visual effects.

Animation is also an industry that provides many job opportunities. Completely animated movies like Happyfeet, Finding Nemo, Shrek etc. have created land mark in the history of cinema. Many Indian artists have worked in these movies. Other than just making visual effects, these movies are completely made with the use of computers. Hence, the job opportunities are more. More opportunities are expected in the future. It is good for children to try animation as a hobby; it helps them to build a strong platform to choose the suitable process when they grow up. Later they can progress through professional training and find a promising career in animation companies. Other than animation, modeling, texturing, visual effects and programming are other possibilities in animation industry. Processes like sound design, editing etc. also have a great future. Choosing the right process and getting trained from a good institute will definitely help to build a good career in the animation industry.

And of course, as in the case of any profession, interest, dedication and hard work are the trigger pulling factors for a successful career in animation too.

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