Global Warming

Global warming is the observed rise in climate system and its after effects. The main cause of global warming is the effect of green house gases such as carbon dioxide. Emissions from burning fossils also add to the increase of temperature. Earth's climate is influenced by the atmosphere which is in the first six miles or so. It contains the matters that creates atmosphere. Global warming not only increases the heat but leads to many natural calamities like melting of glaciers which will increase the sea level, ocean acidification, droughts, heavy rainfall etc.

The greenhouse effect is the course of action of emission and absorption of infrared radiation by gas elements in a planet's atmosphere warm its lower atmosphere and surface. Human activities after industrial revolution increased the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Deforestation as a part of 'revolutions' also contributed for making the climate instable. Emissions from industrial and household machineries kill the ozone layer in a slow and steady manner. It is after many years, after the increase in the climate changes that we observed it.

The impacts of global warming are not easy to digest. Its hands are too wider than we can imagine. Rising sea level is one of the impacts of global warming. As we know very well, 71% of earth's surface is water. If sea level increases, we will have to change this ratio and live in more congested area. The temperature that grows high makes glaciers in arctic area melt and it causes the increase of sea level. Global warming also affects the rainfall pattern. Unexpected flood or droughts would ruin the lives of all creatures in this planet. Vanishing of animal population is another threat that global warming puts forward. Insufficient resources and unpredictable climate changes will force species to vanish from the surface. We, human being are not safe, it can happen to us too. Outbreak of diseases is another crucial part of global warming. In a situation that is not supportive for survival, diseases can easily spread out and take lives with less effort.

The above said impacts are for those living in land. The creatures living under water also have to face serious effects of global warming. Excessive formation of carbonic acids in the ocean can destroy the eco system under water. Acidification makes water not usable for living. Those creatures which are surviving by eating other creatures starve for food and may die. It is because of the acidification which makes the marine food not eatable.

We can control global warming by rising energy sufficiency, encouraging green transportation, using renewable energy like solar power, bio-gas etc., reducing fossil fuel electricity, managing forests and agriculture, developing technology that avoids the use of carbon or eliminates carbon from every activity.

We have technology, we know how to create things that we need, we can collect data on anything on earth, it is a matter of understanding and commitment to lower the impacts of global warming in coming years.
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